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Scottish Living History

42nd Royal Highlander Regiment

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment is a re-enactment group that portrays the regiment as it would have appeared in the 1760s – 1780s. The actual 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (known as The Black Watch) was raised in the mid-1700s in Scotland, and fought in America during the Seven Years War (“French & Indian War”), as well as the Revolutionary War, fighting for the King. The re-enactment group just celebrated 33 years as a re-enactment regiment. One of their first events was the Southeast Florida Scottish Games in Miami 39 years ago!

The 42nd Royal Highlander Regiment can be visited throughout the day in their encampment near Stage 2.   They will also demonstrate the assembly and wearing of the Great Kilt / Feileadh Mòr at the Heritage Stage at 10am and 2 pm 


Realms of History

 Realms of History is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to reproduce and re-enact Medieval and Renaissance European history between the years of 1066, the Battle of Hastings; and 1651, the end of the English Civil War. We embrace personas from all Western Europe as well as other geographical areas presenting a significant contribution and presence in this period of history. It is our goal to bring forth living history to our communities; providing an atmosphere from which we can live and explore the period most romantically called the Age of Chivalry by recreating a society where individuals from all classes can live the simple life, excel at and achieve the status of Knight through competition and charitable deeds (points earned), and promote the best qualities of life—compassion,
fellowship, family and honor. 

Visit their Facebook page "Principality of Tortuga" or  website for more information

See displays and demonstrations of traditional crafts - and exciting demonstrations of armed combat!!! 

Armed Combat Demo's are scheduled for 11:30am and 3:30 pm.  


Traditional Weaving w/ Gail Woodcum 

  Gail Woodcum has been weaving for over 20 years and is a long-time member of the Intracoastal Weavers Guild. She had been handweaving tartans for over half of that time. While researching tartan weaving, she learned of her own Scottish background. Gail has taught handweaving for many years both in public classes and privately. Her works have been displayed throughout the State of Florida and nationwide. She greatly enjoys demonstrating the age-old art of handweaving, but especially tartans with their beautiful colors and history. 

Gail likes weaving tartan because she appreciates the interplay of colors and enjoys the festival because she really likes interacting with people.  “I love it when the kids come, especially the little boys who are just fascinated,” she said. 

Aside from weaving for herself and family, Gail offers private lessons. At the festival, she uses a cotton thread which is stronger than wool. Recently, she explored he ancestry, and guess what? Gail is 36% Scottish.   “Every time they update it (, the Scottish goes up!” she said.  Gail wears the Skene tartan as her paternal grandmother was a Skene.

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