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Scottish Living History

42nd Royal Highlander Regiment

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment is a re-enactment group that portrays the regiment as it would have appeared in the 1760s – 1780s. The actual 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (known as The Black Watch) was raised in the mid-1700s in Scotland, and fought in America during the Seven Years War (“French & Indian War”), as well as the Revolutionary War, fighting for the King. The re-enactment group just celebrated 33 years as a re-enactment regiment. One of their first events was the Southeast Florida Scottish Games in Miami 33 years.

The 42nd Royal Highlander Regiment can be visited throughout the day in their encampment near Stage 2. 


Kyle McIntosh, Historical Highlanders Living History

Kyle McIntosh is a Living Historian of Scottish decent. His deep interest in the Jacobite Risings stem from time in Scotland, visiting family, touring museums, and battlefields such as Culloden. This coupled with his passion in researching and recreating the material culture of the Highlands, led him to start the Historical Highlanders Living History Group. The group travels to Highland Games, Reenactments and Historic Sites with the purpose of engaging, entertaining, and educating people on this often misunderstood chapter in history. Living History centres around an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers a sense of stepping back in time. Specifically, Kyle focuses on eighteenth century Scotland detailing the food, clothing and weapons of a Scottish Highlander.

Kyle will present on the Highland Jacobite culture & history on Stage 2 at 11:30 am, 2 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5:30 pm.    He can also be visited in his canopy next to the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment in between lectures.


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