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Children's Games

Bring the Kids

We have lots of Kid-size Versions of Highland Games, Arts & Crafts, Face-Painting, Try on a Kilt, & More 

The schedule times for each activity will be available by February 2025

  • Fun activities begin: Arts & Crafts / Face-Painting all day long
  •    Caber Toss, Sheaf Toss & Stone Toss
  • Try on kilts and hold a set of bagpipes

  • Noon    

Welcome Ceremony with Massed Bands & Parade of the Clans - not to be missed!

  • Foot Race & Sack Race & Sheaf Toss
  • Caber Toss & Stone Toss & Sheaf Toss
  • Tug-O-War!
  • Caber Toss & Stone Toss & Sheaf Toss

Children's Passport Game

Pick up a blank Children's Passport at the Children's Games Area, then visit the Clan Village and stop at each Clan [Scottish family group] canopy.  Get your Passport stamped or signed by a Clan member and learn about the different families & regions of Scotland.  Visit all the Clans to get our Passport stamped! 


There's even fun for bigger kids too!

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