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Frequently Asked Questions 


Did you know?

Did you know that the Scottish American Society of South Florida is a non-profit organization? · There is no paid staff. · All proceeds go directly to the process of continuing to provide you and me with the Annual Festival and Games along with the other events throughout the years. ·

In the event that there are enough monies left over after the events are paid the board of directors usually awards scholarships or partial scholarships to our youth and sometimes to adults so that they can go to such places as The OHIO SCOTTISH ARTS SCHOOL, North American Academy of Piping and Drumming. Or they will have a workshop brought to the area for piping, drumming or dancing.  

Did you know that the ticket price for the festival only accounts for a portion of the proceeds necessary to pay the expenses of putting on the festival each year? Below is just some of the ways in which we are able to raise the funds needed to keep the Annual Southeast Festival and Games coming back to you.  

1. Corporate-Sponsors. We have been fortunate to have sponsors such as Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey. They not only provide product and often cash but also lend their name, which helps to attract people to the gate and also helps to promote the Sponsor.

2. Individual-Sponsors. Individual Sponsors cannot be thanked enough. In the past, when times get tight the individuals have always come forward to ensure that the essentials needed to keep the Society and Festival going were provided.

3. Corporate-Donations. Many companies and corporations have a policy of community support and responsibility. Without the community surrounding them growing and prospering, many of the businesses serving the communities would not exist.

4. Private-Donations. Some donations come in with the request that the donation source remains anonymous. These donors frequently request this to keep unwanted solicitors from pursuing them for similar funds.

5. Tickets. Ticket prices are held as low as possible so that the public can afford to bring their families. Ticket sales usually will only generate approximately half of the actual revenue needed to pay for the festival and games.

6. Vendors. Vendors of course do pay a small fee for the space they use. The fees are low enough that small companies or individuals as well as large ones can apply for the limited space available at the festival.

7. Clans. There is space provided for the clans so that they can show the diversity in dress, foods and customs along with the similarities found in the Scottish heritage. In addition some of the clans will provide a sponsorship at various levels.

8. Membership. Our members are the backbone of the Scottish American Society of South Florida. Without the support of people just like you and me the whole process would not happen. The fees for membership are held to a minimum as we encourage family participation. While this category is near the bottom of the list it is at the top of the requirements to keep the Society healthy.

9. Fundraising events manned by our members and friends throughout the year. Once again our members and friends help during the year by volunteering to work at events. These events vary. In the past they have worked selling food at the Panther’s Stadium and The Miami Dolphins Stadium so that there would be enough funds to continue the Annual Festival and Games.

10. Volunteers. Did you know that without volunteers, (that is individuals and organizations that provide manpower) we could not afford to hire all of the services required to continue bringing you the Festival and Games? Volunteers are every bit as important as any other category listed above.

Donations. If you wish to make a donation, join as a member or volunteer to help in any way please contact us. You can do this by downloading a donation form our or by calling our phone number at the top of this page and let us know what your wishes are.